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Spark Clear Aligners – City, ST

The Clearest Way to a Straighter Smile


Do you wish you had straighter teeth or a more even smile, but hate the idea of wearing metal wires and brackets? If so, then we have some good news for you! At White Oak Dental & Orthodontics, we offer Spark Clear Aligners in Avenel as the clearest way to a straighter smile. These removable and virtually invisible aligners are clearer and more comfortable than many of their competitors, and they’re more resistant to staining. Call us today to discover if Spark Clear Aligners are for you!

How Spark Aligners Work

Closeup of patient wearing Spark Clear Aligners in Avenel

Spark Clear Aligners are personalized trays that fit snugly over your teeth. They exert gentle pressure on specific points to gradually shift your pearly whites into their ideal positions. It takes about two weeks for your teeth to adjust, at which point you’ll switch to the next set of aligners in your individualized series. The process continues, with periodic checkups every 4-6 weeks, until your smile is perfectly evened out.

Indications for Clear Aligners

woman being fitted for Spark Clear Aligners in Avenel

While severe orthodontic issues will likely need to be treated with options like traditional braces, Spark Aligners are ideal for mild to moderate cases of the following:

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth create small spaces that trap plaque and bacteria, which increases your risk of oral health issues like cavities and gum disease. Spark aligners can give your teeth the space they need to thrive by gently guiding them into better positions.

Gaps Between Teeth

Too much space between teeth can be embarrassing, and it puts extra wear and tear on your teeth. With our clear aligners, we can even out your smile and eliminate these gaps.

Bite Alignment

Do you have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite? Our talented orthodontist can create a custom treatment plan to realign your jaws and give you a healthier bite.

The Benefits of Spark Clear Aligners

Smiling woman outside holding Spark Clear Aligners in Avenel

When you choose to improve your smile with Spark Clear Aligners, you can expect to enjoy benefits like:

  • Aligners that are practically invisible when worn, and even clearer than many competitors
  • More comfortable treatment than traditional braces and other clear aligners
  • A high resistance to stains, so you can enjoy your favorite beverages without worry
  • Faster treatment time than traditional braces
  • An easy and convenient option that can be removed when needed

How Much Do Spark Aligners Cost?

Patient and receptionist discussing how to pay for Spark Clear Aligners in Avenel

No two smiles are exactly the same, so neither are any two Spark Aligner treatments. As such, costs can vary widely from patient to patient depending on the specifics of the case. During your initial consultation, we’ll review factors such as your oral health and the severity of your orthodontic issue in order to provide an estimated cost. We’ll also review all your options for making your treatment affordable, such as any insurance coverage, available special offers, your financing options, and our in-house membership plan.