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5 Signs That Your Child Might Need Braces

August 11, 2022

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Child sitting in a dentist’s chair.

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you—and the same goes for your child and their smile! That said, it isn’t always obvious when your child is ready for orthodontic work—but that doesn’t mean you have to guess when the appropriate time is. Here are five signs from your orthodontist in Woodbridge that indicate it might be time for your little one to start their braces-journey.

#1: They Complain About Mouth or Jaw Pain

You aren’t always able to see orthodontic issues; sometimes, your child might feel as though there’s something wrong, but the cause isn’t always apparent. If your child is regularly experiencing mouth or jaw pain, there might be an underlying issue that necessitates treatment. One common cause for this pain is tooth misalignment.

#2: Difficulty Biting, Chewing, and Eating

Misaligned teeth can also negatively impact your child’s ability to eat comfortably. If you notice that your child is experiencing difficulty when eating or taking a long time to bite and chew their food, it might be time to visit their orthodontist. Your child might also accidently bite their tongue or the insides of their cheeks when eating, which often indicates a misaligned bite.

#3: Speech Problems

There are several things that can impede a child’s speech development, and misaligned teeth is certainly one of them. If your child’s teeth are crooked, they might have issues with pronunciation and air control. Pay close attention to your child’s speech—if they’re often mispronouncing certain words or struggling with speech in general, taking them to see their orthodontist in tandem with a speech pathologist can help.

#4: Irregular Loss of Baby Teeth

Children typically begin losing their baby teeth when they’re 5 or 6 years of age, and this can continue for a couple of years. However, if your child has begun losing their baby teeth earlier or later than normal, it might indicate the need for orthodontics. Baby teeth that are slow to fall out can sometimes cause permanent teeth to erupt directly behind them, resulting in crowding and misalignment.

#5: Overlapping or Protruding Teeth

This is one of the most obvious signs that your child could benefit from getting braces. If you notice that your child has protruding or overlapping teeth, or a visible underbite, overbite, or open bite, orthodontics is likely going to be necessary.

Your child’s mouth may seem like a pretty wild place, with several teeth that seem to move randomly and on their own accord. That said, ensuring that your child receives the correct orthodontic care in a timely manner will set their smile up for long-term health, beauty, and functionality.

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