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What to Expect from Braces Removal

December 22, 2021

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dentist performing braces removal

After wearing braces for over a year, you’re finally having them removed. The thought of seeing your new smile soon is exciting, but you’re also a little nervous. You’ve been wearing braces for so long, so what can you expect after having them removed? Read on to learn how braces removal works, what sensations you can expect to experience, and what life will be like afterward.

Having Your Braces Removed

Though traditional metal braces are designed to be firmly attached to your teeth, they can be easily removed by a dental professional. First, your orthodontist will take out the wires. Then, they will use a special tool to loosen the grip the brackets have on your teeth so they can pop them off. Once the brackets and wires have been removed, your dentist will lightly buff your teeth to remove any leftover adhesive. Though you may feel some strange sensations and pressure on your teeth during this process, there shouldn’t be any pain or discomfort. The whole braces removal process takes about an hour in most cases.

Adjusting to Life Without Your Braces

Once your braces have been removed, you will need some time to adjust to no longer having them on your teeth. A few things you can expect to experience during this time include:

  • Slightly sensitive teeth –Soon after having your braces removed, you may notice that your teeth feel more sensitive than usual. Until the sensitivity subsides, eat the kinds of foods can consume while wearing braces, such as mashed potatoes, yogurt, soups, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, grains, seafood, and soft fruits.
  • Somewhat swollen gums – For the first few days after you have your braces taken off, your gums may swell or bleed a little. These symptoms are normal and should go away on their own.
  • Uneven tooth color –Since the parts of the teeth where the brackets were glued on haven’t been brushed in a while, this may lead to uneven tooth color. Fortunately, professional whitening can help even out any discoloration.

The Final Step of Your Orthodontic Treatment

Even once you have your braces removed, this isn’t the end of your smile journey! The next step in the process is to start wearing a retainer. Doing so is essential to keeping your teeth in the correct position. At first, your orthodontist may have you wear your retainer all the time. But eventually, they will likely recommend that you only wear it 3-5 nights per week.

If you want your results to last for years to come, make sure to wear your retainer and follow all your dentist’s instructions. By doing so, you’ll be able to sport a smile worth bragging about for the foreseeable future!

About the Practice

White Oak Dental & Orthodontics administers exceptional care to Avenel patients of all ages. They have a talented dentist and an orthodontist on staff so you can receive all the treatments you need in one place. If you’re interested in getting traditional braces or need to have them removed, they can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Your new and improved smile is within reach! For more information on the braces removal process or to make an appointment with White Oak Dental & Orthodontics, visit their website or call their office at (732) 582-4224.

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